TSB Cooperation Private Limited

TSB IT Services is sister company of TSB cooperation Private Limited. Which is registered & based in India under MCA (INDIA). TSB Cooperation Private Limited is multi business group

TSB IT Services is a Web / software development , IT Support and Animation studio company based in Amritsar,Punjab(INDIA). Our passion is business efficiency enhancement for our clients, via smart application of automation techniques. We are winners of millions of hearts for our innovations in business productivity.
We are India based, IT services and technology partner with over 8 years’ experience. We are ranked amongst the top global managed services suppliers with 200+ IT Professionals. Our End-to-end IT solutions, where We deliver innovative managed services, business software, workspace services advisory services and cloud solutions. By working across the entire business – from the boardroom, via the data centre, to the desktop, we help dynamic mid-market organisations to modernise their IT so they can compete and win in the digital economy. More than 200 companies trust us to take responsibility for part, or all, of their business IT from the design and build of complex solutions to the day-to-day management of all IT. They rely on us to understand their IT requirements so they can focus on their business goals. Our approach is to understand our clients’ business objectives and journey first, to ensure the services we provide are right for them. Whatever value means to your business, we can help you realise it. We help you to design and implement IT strategies that reflect your agenda.
Modern IT is our vision of how a company should consider and transform their IT environment to become digital ready in the most efficient and simple manner possible. Digital ready is where IT is no longer a bottleneck but an agile enabler to growth. The digital journey defined Our purpose is to help your business get ready to compete and win in the digital economy. We do this by guiding you through the three key stages of the digital journey:
1) Modern workspace 2) Modern infrastructure 3) Modern business software.
Our selective outsourcing model allows clients to take the optimum amount of service to suit their requirements. We show our clients that there is an alternative to the larger more traditional IT outsourcing suppliers and demonstrate a cost-effective alternative to building and managing complex IT environments for themselves.They rely on us to deliver within budget, security and compliance parameters, so that they can maintain focus on their wider business goals.
Our People
Business & Industry expertise Our 10-year gems means we’re no strangers to the industry. A current 200+ headcount is made up of experienced professionals with proven track records of IT service and project delivery across a broad range of businesses and industries. For TSB to provide its services, it is vitally important that we have optimised systems, processes and functions to deliver the service certainty that our clients demand.
1) Aligned to ITIL best practice 2) Minimise business downtime 3) Accreditations
Our Approach
Our experience suggests it’s not the technology alone that will deliver the return on investment and all the potential benefits to you and your employees. What’s crucial is how the technology is designed and implemented, how the migration is managed, how the users are trained and how the users and platform are managed post installation.
Our Advise
For all our client projects, our first step is to advise. To do this we listen. From day one we get to know your business, understand your specific challenges so that we can plan the best solution for your needs. We can advise you on how to align your IT strategy to your business objectives, help you measure the performance of your IT services and make the right investments to support your business goals. Our team of business and technical consultants, software developers, project managers and cloud architects will evaluate, recommend and design the right technical solution to your challenges.
What we offer...
Our frequent services ....
As a leading animation studio, the art of animation is at the core of what we do. Our in-house studio team offers a full roster of animation services that include 2D, 3D, character animation, VFX, CGI, Stop Motion, Green Art effects as well as environmental visualisations. Often combining all disciplines, TSB IT Services’s animation studio is experienced at working on briefs of all shapes and sizes, making us an industry leader in animated video production. So whether you’re looking for a snappy social animation video, a memorable TVC or perhaps an engaging educational video, we’ll always deliver to the very highest industry standards.click here for more information.
With over 8 years of combined commercial experience of designing & building websites, our team of Designers & Developers know how to combine stunning aesthetics with simple usability. Whether you’re interested in web design, web development or mobile apps, TSB IT SERVICES is a full-stack digital agency that is passionate about helping you build your business. View our portfolio or send us your brief today and discover what we can do for you. click here for more information.
TSB IT Services can help select the right cloud for you Cloud is probably the answer to your question. But which cloud? For which applications? How will you access it? How will it integrate with your other platforms? What is the backup plan? What are your security plans? What do you want to manage? How do you plan to migrate to the cloud? The journey towards cloud adoption is not always a simple one; that’s why we work with our clients to put together a customised roadmap that maximises value to their organisations.click here for more information.